Social Responsibility

We are committed to responsible business behaviors, and we ensure that the four sustainability pillars - People, Partners, Planet, and Recycling Impact- are embedded into the core of our business as they provide a robust framework for strong performance and give a clear vision for the future.

Our sustainability strategy is part of a global framework.

ALA Group has actively been part of Global Recycling Day & jointly, along with BMR, MRAI & ISRI, we conducted events & awareness about recycling in many schools, parks & community centers in UAE & India. We are partnering with our community and all other stakeholders in our journey towards a sustainable tomorrow.

At ALA, our community- centric initiatives emphasizes the spread of quality education, healthcare & sustainable livelihood opportunities in all our operating locations in India & globally. We empower communities through Metal Scrap development & market linkages, skill development of youth, promoting entrepreneurship & preservation of ethnicity & culture of indigenous communities.

ALA firmly believes the health and welfare of our people, the community and society, as a whole, is intrinsic to our approach to business.

COVID -19 Relief

ALA group undertook special CSR initiatives to protect and support the health and livelihoods of workers, customers, business partners, and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. As much as we could arrange, we organized oxygen supplies & medical equipment’s were donated to medical facilities across whole India. In addition to its community outreach, ALA acted to secure employment for many of its workers throughout all segments of its business operations. Additional leave for workers with children and more flexible work hours were provided to many employees across the entire ALA Group.

Employee Recognition

We are a family of fearless dreamers, chasing stars, inspired by the past and celebrating the future, daring and forever growing.

We have a clear purpose, we are passionate and we have a solid foundation and strong values further strengthening us as one team, one culture.

We are all accountable for the right behaviors, for being fair, transparent, ethical, inclusive, servant leaders embracing trust, humility and empathy, co-creating, collaborating regardless of where we are, in which country we work and what type of job we do.

We all look forward in the same direction, contributing to what is unique about our Group and what we stand for. We also recognize our employees & reward them in timely manner its just our way of showing our appreciation & gesture.